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Welcome to Mkn Recruitment

Mkn Recruitment have been operating as a Medical recruitment agent for the past four years, we have built up an extensive database of registered Pharmacist, Pharmacist Assistants, Learner basic Pharmacist Assistants, Microbiologists, Doctors, Nurses, and Engineers (Medical sector). We specialize in the medical sector, thus Mkn Recruitment have managed to place themselves on the preferred supplier list with your top Pharmaceutical companies, Private Hospitals, and Retail Pharmacy groups around South Africa, we also deal with Pharmacies in Namibia. We dedicate ourselves in sourcing our clients the perfect candidate for their investment. We listen carefully and find you roles that match your requirements as closely as possible.

We always have an extensive range of current jobs but we can also proactively find tailor-made opportunities that suit your needs, giving you access to roles that may not yet be in the open market.

We follow industry best practice by only putting you forward for roles in which you are genuinely interested.

We always keep you informed of where your details have been sent.

Mkn Recruitment is proud to be defined by where we have been, who we have helped, and how we have earned our national reputation for uncompromising service. Our recruitment techniques, and around the clock support provide Mkn recruitment with a distinct advantage in the healthcare industry. From recruitment to replacement, Mkn realizes that the key to quality is in the details.

We at Mkn Recruitment offer a recruitment service around South Africa to all Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Industry sectors. Our recruitment service charge remains on a 10% once off fee, based on the annual basic salary. You our client will receive a 3 month guarantee on your investment, should the candidate walk out, or be dismissed within the first three months of employment. (Terms and conditions apply)

Our current database consists of Registered Pharmacists, Microbiologists, Nurses, Engineers, Doctors, skilled factory staff.

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Mkn Recruitment
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Responsible Pharmacist needed based in Centurion (PTA) Clinical trial facility

Candidate must have relevant qualification and be registered with SAPC

Working Hours are from 8:30 to 17h00 Monday to Friday. Pharmacist must be available and willing to attend to afterhours emergencies when required.

Must be able to drive and have a valid drivers licence.

Must be able to work in a 2-8 digrees environment


The Responsible Pharmacist contemplated in regulation 25 (3) of the Pharmacy Act and the relevant sections of the Medicines Act must:

  • ensure that he or she in fact continuously supervises the pharmacy
  • experience in the warehouse pharmacy
  • ensure that persons being employed in such pharmacy and who provide services forming part of the scope of pharmacy practice of a pharmacist are appropriately registered with the Pharmacy Council
  • take corrective measures in respect of deficiencies with regard to inspection reports of the Pharmacy Council or in terms of the Medicines Act, and
  • in addition to the general responsibilities also
  • ensure that unauthorized persons do not obtain access to medicines or scheduled substances  or the pharmacy premises outside of normal trading hours
  • establish policies and procedures for the employees of the pharmacy with regard to the acts performed and services provided in the pharmacy
  • ensure the safe and effective storage and keeping of medicine or scheduled substances in the pharmacy under his or her direct personal supervision
  • ensure correct and effective record keeping of the purchase, sale, possession, storage, safekeeping, and return of medicines or scheduled substances
  • ensure that the pharmacy owner complies with all the conditions of ownership of such pharmacy business
  • registration of the pharmacy
  • to apply for and renew the licence
  • to ensure the name of Responsible Pharmacist is prominently displayed over entrance.
  • to ensure that all applicable fees as determined by SAPC in respect of the company are paid to ensure the continued registration of the company as a pharmaceutical business
  • to ensure registration of Responsible Pharmacist and company with the SAPC.


  • To handle any medicines recall according to correct MCC guidelines.


  • To ensure that goods returned are handled in the correct way.


  • To ensure that GWP is followed.
  • To ensure that all logs are completed by the distribution facility, eg. Temperature control, cleaning, equipment maintenance, etc.

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Mkn RecruitmentMkn Recruitment
Port Elizabeth South Africa
Offices Tel. +27 (0) 41 379 5862
Cell +27 (0) 83 566 9812
Fax. 086 571 6726


Regulatory / Quality Assurance Pharmacist (Randburg JHB)

Multinational Pharmaceutical seek a Regulatory / Quality Assurance Pharmacist. Will be based in North Riding JHB (Westrand). Start immediately, ideal corporate Industry environment, with great growth potential. .

Self-motivation, problem solving skills, ability to work under pressure with good time management skills and attention to detail are essential.

Previous experience in pharmaceutical / medical device industry is advantageous but not an absolute requirement.

Must be registered with SAPC – minimum 5 years experience.

Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

Working hours: 08h00 to 16h30 Monday-Friday (no weekends)

R40,000 per month

Client provide Medical Aid , pension fund, and also a non guaranteed performance based 13th cheque.

18 working days leave which increases on a sliding scale over a few years.


Contact Details:


Mkn Recruitment
Port Elizabeth South Africa
Offices Tel. +27 (0) 41 379 5862Mkn Recruitment
Cell +27 (0) 83 566 9812
Fax. 086 571 6726




Medical Health Insurance

We have 3 Options available only, starting from R299 per month.

  1. Day to Day
  2. Hospital
  3. Day to Day & Hospital combined

1st option: Day to Day covers the following.

1. Unlimited Dr’s visits and medication.

We have a network of Dr’s that we deal with, and the members need to chose from the network of Doctors. You may only nominate 1 Doctor but you may change the Doctor at anytime should you not be happy.

Should the member prefer to use their own Doctor we will still cover up to R220.00 per consultation unlimited, the member would then pay the Doctor and claim from Affinity which takes up to 14 working days.

Members may also put their Doctor’s details on the application, forward it to us and we will approach the Doctor in joining our network.

This is entirely up to the GP and could take up to a month as they are always extremely busy.

We have a GP Nomination form that needs to be completed and sent back to us.

We have dispensing Dr’s and non dispensing Dr’s.

Should the Doctor give the member a prescription you may go to any Pharmacy including Dischem, Clicks, or Mediscor for the medication, once again as long as it is prescribed according to our medicine formulary there will be no payment or dispensary fees.

Each medical aid company has their own formulary and the Doctor’s don’t always check as they have so many of them, this is why it is important for the member to remind the GP to prescribe off the Medical Health Insurance formulary – 1 month waiting period

2. Specialists – One specialist visit per year up to R500.00 per single member and R1000.00 per family per year – referred by the GP – 1 month waiting period

3. Acute and Chronic medication – Linked to the Doctor’s consultation – 30 day waiting period for Acute and 6 months waiting period for Chronic. There is a chronic medication form that must be completed.

4. Radiology – (X-rays) unlimited referred by the network GP from the Medical Health Insurance Radiology formulary ( basic black and white X-rays only) – 1 month waiting period

5. Pathology – (Blood tests) unlimited basic pathology referred by the network GP from the Medical Health Insurance Pathology formulary – 1 month waiting period

6. Out of area visits – should the member be on holiday and need to see a Doctor we will cover up to R220.00 for the consultation and you can then claim back from the Medical Health Insurance, this is also unlimited – 1 month waiting period

7. Dentistry – Full mouth assessment- Infection control – Two intra oral radiographs ( X-rays ) – Extractions three per year –  Amalgam fillings ( silver fillings )   No braces, false teeth or anything cosmetic, we only cover what is mentioned here.

We have a huge network of  dentists, members may nominate their own dentist –  3 month waiting period

8. Optometry – One eye test and one set of white standard frames and lenses per beneficiary per 24 months –  12 month waiting period

9. Death benefit – we have a separate benefit for each plan – 3 month waiting period

10. Post Hospital Private Nursing –  covered up to R10 000.00 as recommended by the Medical Health Insurance specialist –  If the member has been hospitalized after the 30 day waiting period.

2nd option: Hospital Plan 

1. Accident – R150 000.00 per single member and R250 000.00 per family per event.

The member is covered for this from the 1st day of the debit order, there is no waiting period

Our 24 hour emergency services are Africa Assist and ER24 – the member will be taken to the nearest equipped hospital to get stabilized, they arrange everything for the member, by the time the member gets to the hospital everything is ready, there is no concern about signing papers and deposits.

2. Disability - Should the principle member be disabled, and not able to work and support the family they will be paid out R250.000.00

3. Daily illness hospital benefit.

The hospital is of your choice but our preferred hospitals are LifeHealthcare, and Mediclinic.

We pay the member and the member pays the hospital, should the member not have the funds to pay the hospital they may cede their benefit to the hospital and your Medical Health Insurance will guarantee payment according to the daily benefits which is as follows:

1st day R6500.00

2nd & 3rd day R4500.00

4th & 5th day R3000.00 and thereafter R1500.00 per day up to 21 days.

The member must be admitted for a minimum of 24 hours to be able to claim for this benefit.

5.Specific stated  conditions benefit.

1. Appendix removal R30 000.00

2. Kidney stones theatre R30 000.00

3. Ectopic Pregnancy R20 000.00

4. Hernia R15 000.00

5. Gal bladder removal R35 000.00

6. Maternity natural R15000.00

7. Maternity C section R25 000.00 There is a 12 month waiting period for all of the above!

8. Hysterectomy R40 000.00 24 month waiting period

4.Dread Disease.

R9000.00 is payable upon diagnosis with an annual limit of R200 000.00 depending on severity, covering

  1. Heart attack
  2. Coronary heart disease.
  3. Stroke
  4. Brain tumor
  5. Cancer
  6. Kidney failure
  7. Major organ transplant
  8. Paraplegia
  9. Blindness

One incident per year per family – pre existing and 3 month waiting period applies.

  1. Post hospital private nursing.

There is a separate Family Death Benefit for each option.

Any inquiries regarding the product, membership cards etc., or call 083 566 9812

Once you have sent in the signed application it is sent in to be validated by our call center, this is taped and filed.

The member will receive their membership card within 21 days of the first debit order.

Contact Details:

Port Elizabeth South Africa
Offices Tel. +27 (0) 41 379 5862online-
Cell +27 (0) 83 566 9812
Fax. 086 571 6726