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Since 2009 Mkn Recruitment (Pty Ltd) has provided qualified health care personnel for all clinical and management positions. We recruit all disciplines for all settings throughout South Africa

Pharmacy Personnel, Nurses, Therapists, Laboratory Personnel, Mid-level Providers and Physicians.

We guarantee you will consistently obtain great results. Every placement we make comes with a 6 Month pro-rated warranty, and payment options available.

Services include:
Direct Hire Employment (Agency)

Temp to Retained/Permanent Hire

Mkn Recruitment have been operating as a Medical recruitment agent for the past six years, we have built up an extensive database of registered Pharmacist, Pharmacist Assistants, Learner basic Pharmacist Assistants, Microbiologists, Doctors, Nurses, and Engineers (Medical sector). We specialize in the medical sector, thus Mkn Recruitment have managed to place themselves on the preferred supplier list with your top Pharmaceutical companies, Private Hospitals, and Retail Pharmacy groups around South Africa, we also deal with Pharmacies in Namibia. We dedicate ourselves in sourcing our clients the perfect candidate for their investment. We listen carefully and find you roles that match your requirements as closely as possible.

We always have an extensive range of current jobs but we can also proactively find tailor-made opportunities that suit your needs, giving you access to roles that may not yet be in the open market.

We follow industry best practice by only putting you forward for roles in which you are genuinely interested.

We always keep you informed of where your details have been sent.

Mkn Recruitment is proud to be defined by where we have been, who we have helped, and how we have earned our national reputation for uncompromising service. Our recruitment techniques, and around the clock support provide Mkn recruitment with a distinct advantage in the healthcare industry. From recruitment to replacement, Mkn realizes that the key to quality is in the details.

We at Mkn Recruitment offer a recruitment service around South Africa to all Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Industry sectors.  You our client will receive a 6 month guarantee on your investment, should the candidate walk out, or be dismissed within the first six months of employment. (Terms and conditions apply)

Our current database consists of Registered Pharmacists, Microbiologists, Nurses, Engineers, Doctors, skilled factory staff.

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Quality Assurance Responsible Pharmacist needed in Cape Town (Woodstock / Sea point)


General Duties and Responsibilities as set out for the Responsible Pharmacist by the South African Pharmacy council:

  1. ensure that he or she in fact continuously supervises the pharmacy in which he or she has been appointed;
  2. have appropriate qualifications and experience in the services being rendered by such pharmacy;
  3. ensure that persons employed in such pharmacy and who provide services forming part of the scope of practice of a pharmacist are appropriately registered with Council;
  4. notify Council immediately upon receiving knowledge that his/her services as responsible pharmacist have been or will be terminated;
  5. take corrective measures in respect of deficiencies with regard to inspection reports of Council or in terms of the Medicines Act; and
  6. in addition to the general responsibilities also:
    • ensure that unauthorised persons could not by lawful means obtain access to medicines or scheduled substances or the pharmacy premises outside of normal trading hours;
    • establish policies and procedures for the employees of the pharmacy with regard to the acts performed and services provided in the pharmacy;
    • ensure the safe and effective storage and keeping of medicine or scheduled substances in the pharmacy under his or her direct personal supervision; and
    • ensure correct and effective record keeping of the purchase, sale, possession, storage, safekeeping and return of medicines or scheduled substances.

Specific Duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. GMP and QA
    1. Ensure site wide compliance to GMP and QA at all times
    2. Responsible for all communication with the relevant regulatory authorities.
    3. Overall responsibility and management of Quality Control Systems such as approved supplier list, printed packaging specifications and proofs relevant to product registrations.
    4. Release batches according to approved and registered documentation. Overall responsibility for Finished Product Release Control (FPRC) and Finished Product Release Responsibility (FPRR). Handle deviations.
    5. Compile SOP’s for all relevant and required warehousing processes as well as GMP, Maintain and update SOP’s as and when required,
    6. Ensure that the manufacture of medicines by third parties complies with the requirements of the registration dossier
    7. Co-ordinate process improvements.
    8. Manage change control process
    9. Overall responsibility and management of the Stability Programme.
    10. Ensure all agreements with third party manufactures, packers, printers and other service providers are developed , maintained and filed as per SOPs
  1. Responsible for GMP/Quality Audits
    1. Conduct regular audits of manufacturing plants in terms of registered dossiers
    2. Compile comprehensive report containing all relevant and required information timeously
    3. Conduct in-house audits
  1. Import and Export
    1. Control and management of import permits
    2. Compile all relevant applications and motivations for   import and export permits to MCC according to requirements
    3. Submit applications to MCC timeously
    4. Follow-up with MCC regularly on progress
  1. Liaise with distributor on all product related issues
  1. Staff Management and Training
    1. Train all staff regularly on all SOP’s, GMP and products
    2. Manage, supervise and review the duties, actions and performance of subordinates and assistant staff
  1. Complaints
    1. Handle quality and product complaints
    2. Provide internal customer support for quality related issues
  2. Responsible for pharmacovigilence
    1. Record all adverse events as per SOP
    2. Process, manage, record and where necessary report to the NADEMC as per MCC guidelines
  1. Regulatory
    1. Responsible for providing all necessary information to regulatory/consultant pharmacists
    2. Ensure that assistant staff/subordinates comply with all relevant regulatory  requirements


  • Knowledge of the Regulatory Framework of the MCC
  • Innovation and creativity in problem solving
  • Strong customer focus
  • Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Mature staff management style
  • Counselling and disciplinary skills
  • Ability to analyse and draw conclusions
  • Project Management Skills
  • Good Communication skills (business and personal): Oral and Written
  • Team Player
  • Resilience and diplomacy
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional setting
  • Attention to detail & accuracy
  • Computer literacy


  • BSc Pharm or equivalent qualification
  • Registered as a Pharmacist in SA at the SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council)

5 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Industry

Contact Details:

Mkn Recruitment
Port Elizabeth South Africa
Offices Tel. +27 (0) 41 367 3638Header3.jpg
Cell +27 (0) 73 1154 709
Fax. 086 571 6726

Email. choltz@mknrecruitment.co.za
Website: www.mknrecruitment.co.za

My King Nation Events Management (MKN Events)

Mkn Event Management Always Delivers Unique And Memorable Event Experiences. As a world class leading event management company we expertly plan and manage events for some leading brands, blending creativity with innovation and flawless delivery. Corporate event planning can be a daunting task, but we have the necessary experience to organize awards ceremonies, celebrations, large productions, seasonal events or staff and family fun days with large capacities of people, all with a range of budgets and unique challenges. Our top calibre service and dedication is what makes us one of the best event management companies in South Africa.

Conference management:

Receive An Unforgettable Experience For Your Delegates With Our Conference Management Services. Successful conference management can be daunting and time-consuming, especially if you are a perfectionist and pay much deserved attention to details.

Selecting the perfect venue, presentation rooms, accommodation, menu’s and transportation are only just the beginning.

The big challenge then lies in delivering a conference that connects with your audience inspiring them with exciting content, creative branding and cutting edge audio visual technology.

It’s all in the details and it’s what we do best. Our conference management team, skilled conference organizers can manage any and all of your conference needs.

Brand activation:

Make A Personal Impact and Connect with Mkn Event Management Company. In this technological age with information travelling at the speed of a mouse-click, brand experiences can develop instantly.

We specialize in Brand Activation, connecting brands with people to deliver powerful bespoke experiences through customer engagement and interaction.

Mkn event management will help you to make an impact that’s personal to build your brand loyalty.

Team building:

Our Experienced Event Management Company Will Motivate Your Workforce In The Most Memorable Way. Imagination and creativity are the keys to our event management success. Sometimes it takes some out-of-the-box thinking to discover new solutions.

This is the type of inspiration encouraged and promoted at Mkn Event Management. We offer our corporate clientele a wide variety of high impact, engaging social events that encourage team building, group activities and participation, with fun at the core.

Motivate your team for continuous improvements and growth in your business with our wide range of team building events. All it takes is experience, creativity, fun and a change of scene!

Event PR & Media:

Mkn Use Technology to Communicate Your Event to Create the Right Image. Getting your brand and event message out to the public requires a multi-dimensional platform blending all forms of media at your disposal.

We don’t stop at just staging high impact events; we want the world to know about it. We love to make noise!

Themed Events:

Be Amazed At What You Can Achieve With Our Expert Event Management Company. We offer a wide variety of imaginative themed events to suit all budgets.

Any theme can be created to transport your guests to a fun and exciting place. Or why not get inspired to create something totally new, a theme unique to you!

Whatever you want to achieve our event management company can deliver, while adding a contemporary flair to keep your themed event fresh and personal to you.

Contact Details:

My King Nation Events Management
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Offices Tel. +27 (0) 41 367 3638
Cell +27 (0) 73 1154 709
Fax. 086 571 6726

Email. events@mknevents.co.za
Website: www.mknrevents.co.za